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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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rm NTY-Nixrii TALK          5^5

dano'r^ i- ^ r-s n. Wb i: ^hi p't a M.iiLiv*nimiin|4
amurk \<*'i in ^ n-trnn him. i u n thiruh it ^snititi
be at tli«.* n ^uf ul?in^ hn lifr. That i- tli^ rra-on-
abl^ thirrJ ; ^ ^i li.iu- ili^ ri,,4it tn i)iisi-Ss ur r» 4raiii,
but unti^ r an', ordinary circimi-tanrc^ you hau1 isot
the right tu kil3, and you h.ivc never tlit* ri^ht to
torture.  That i-^ ab^oltitel} certain and thm* i^ no
way of getting over it. Tlie idea of ca|)ital puniAh-
ment is ba^ril ii|)0n an entirely "uron^ tiluory. Of
coiirse, a-s I ^ay, <'i madman running amuck must be
restraint^d. IIu i^ just like a mad dog and must be
killed, t>eca:ii^ othenusc y<ni ivoulcl sacrifice th^ lives
of human brings ^hom he would distroy. You SB)
the criminal lias done mron^ and so deserves to suffer.
Karma will took after that.  KemenAer the
criminal has done more harm to himsdf than he lias
to anylxniy eke. That i^ the greatest wrung < if all
which lie do^s to himself, and you may be very sure
that the law \\ ill attend to that.

If a person is weak-minded \\e try to cure him ;

but cases of hopeless insanity are taktJti care of by the
State. The criminal tendency i? a disease. In some
cases it can be cured. They take boys and put them
in reformatories. They give them a certain kind of
treatment which brings them round TO be decent
citizens.  I presume there are cases \\hich cannot be
treated successfully, and such cases should be treated
in the way in which the State treats the hopelessly
i'ncs»n^   Fprfmniv vnn hnrp thp rip-ht tn restrain thp^p